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The institutional economics of filial piety

Somewhat lost in the past few weeks amidst the massive uprisings in the Middle East are two interesting bits of news coming out of China. First, As Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution blogs here, a proposal submitted by the Civil … Continue reading

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Lu Xun and game theory, or insane rationality and the evolutionary stability of backward tradition

With its condemnation of existing literature Lu Xun’s debut short story “A Madman’s Diary” (『狂人日記』), with its condemnation of the social backwardness of early Republican China, has long been recognized as a classic work of political literature. By analyzing the story, and traditional China, within a game theoretical framework, we see just how difficult it is to escape from a society in which backward traditional values predominate; in fact, we find that such a society is evolutionarily stable. Continue reading

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